See the Series B pitch deck that lead to Benchling’s $6B valuation on today’s TechCrunch Live

Founders are often told to keep their head down and build. On today’s TechCrunch Live, you’ll hear how there has to be a balance. On one hand, founders need to stay focused, but they also need access to feedback loops — essentially, don’t build in the dark.

Sajith Wickramasekara founded Benchling with his co-founder to improve laboratory data collection and collaboration. Since its 2012 founding the company has grown to the de facto market leader, and Wickramasekara will join TechCrunch Live, along with Benchmark General Partner Miles Grimshaw, on its recent acquisition and growth.

Benchling was essentially the first mover in this market. When Wickramasekara started Benchling, laboratory and research projects did not have a proper, dedicated cloud-based platform. Data collection was still with pen and paper or spreadsheets. Not only was Wickramasekara founding a company, he was founding an industry. Now, nearly 10 years later, Benchling is a unicorn with a valuation in October 2021 of 6.1 billion.

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